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August 04, 2011



mm and I thought *&^% $%^&!"£$ at British Telecom was bad.(asked to leave because of sexual harassment)

Joel Kimball

Damn, she's smooth. OK, not so much. Wow.

Michael Brisciana

Kris - - -

Loved your perspective on what is truly an INCREDIBLE (horrifying, appalling, remarkable, etc.) story. A few thoughts to share:

1. It continually amazes me how, once someone gets to a certain level, even out-and-out failures (firings) don't stop their upward progress -- i.e., the next job they get is as big or bigger than the one they were fired from. There's something there about "spinning a tale" about yourself, I'm sure (self-deceptive though it may be). Amazing.

2. Regarding her compensation and perks, it almost seems like the more outrageous the demands, the more likely they were to be approved. I'm not sure exactly what the "lesson" is in this -- other than a VERY SCARY one (particularly re: the failure of the board to reign her in).

3. They say "pride comes before the fall." Thankfully, the madness was brought to a close in this case. It's just sad that it took so long.

Thanks for a great take on a fascinating story.

Michael Brisciana


Great story. One thing, though: The Debt Ceiling crisis is not owned by the GOP.


Hey Jeannie -

I didn't mean that the GOP owned the Debt Crisis, just that they were pretty damned powerful in the negotiation of the deal... hard negotiators....

Thanks - KD


What this story ultimately illustrates (and answers Michael's question about incompetence not getting in the way of ambition) is that networking works.

John R Petrov

Very good article. The tough part is when the bad boss is the top HR executive. They seem to have a way of spinning things to hold on for their life as long as possible all while creating chaos in the organizations they are responsible for protecting and serving.

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