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May 24, 2011



KD - Love the Kareem story to highlight this important area. Always surprising to find companies dropping the ball in candidate care, too many applicants, never enough time.

For any company looking to improve, they should apply for the Candidate Experience Awards this year. It's not just about trying to win an award, this is process that will let you benchmark where you stand and help you in developing the improvement plan. It should only take you a few hours to submit your application. Here is the link to apply:


Man, Kareem's a walking case study for screwing up your brand. Karma indeed!

Thanks for the cautionary tale KD!


I couldn't help but go back and watch this clip from Airplane, between "Murdoch" and Joey. Funny how life imitates art.

Kareem needs to get over himself.


So true...a little effort here goes a long way.

Stephen Harrington

Any recruiter should be able to say that the level of service that they provide to candidates is up to the level they would expect if they were the applicant themselves. Unfortunately this is not always the case and results in negative applicant experience. Similar to how marketing may have a customer service charter, should recruiters not have an applicant service charter?

Karin Knapp

Please re-read Stephen Harrington's comment that recruiters should treat applicants the way they would want to be treated. To that I would add, treat candidates the way you want your spouse, child or parent treated. I am not in the HR field, but found my way to this post from another blog. I feel compelled to comment on the truly shameful and heartless way job applicants are treated today. My husband has been looking for work for an extended period. The employment process today is not humane. Please make the time to treat people with kindness, or at least acknowledge their existence, when they apply for a job with your company. Your actions, or inactions, as a recruiter reflect not just on your company brand, but on your personal brand.

Justin Dalton

This is one of the biggest issues we had as a retained search firm. Trying to push the hiring managers to respond to the candidates was often an uphill battle. Sometimes we couldn't even get them to give us an update. One of our clients was especially bad at candidate communication. As a result they had great difficulty finding candidates.

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