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May 16, 2011



This is so true. The kicker is that with the right team in place these companies could reach a whole new level of efficiency.

Matt Landrum

Sure, hiring can be laborious, especially in the Hi-Tech field where you have a bunch of folks who may fear talking to people (or are at least uncomfortable with it). It involves a lot of context switching and requires great attention to detail.

I, too-also-as well, throw the bullshit flag on the "I don't have time to hire" thing. It's another manifestation of "I'm so busy I don't have time to stop and think" trap which may result in everyone working their ass off on the wrong thing. That's a sad one to watch.

and you can't just toss it over the wall to the recruiter, you have to be engaged.


Tara Gowland

Great post - in our world this is the single biggest challenge when working with startups..recruiters need to get to know their managers and work one on one with them to find a solution that works...which takes time and patience. Lots of patience...

Leilani Ho

With this issue becoming more prevelant many organizations have turned to video interviewing as a solution.

Users of video interviewing have come to realize that video interviewing saves time and money. What they are also finding and most importantly is the fact that video interviewing provides the most effective tool to find the candidates who best fit the organizations and will enable growth and push the business forward.

To view research by The Aberdeen Group:

For the premier provider in video interviews:

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