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August 11, 2010


working girl

Bouncing in my chair!

Lance Haun

Recess is really fantastic and I love that they are Portland based.

Connie Costigan

Sorry I can't help it - you angered me at the 14.1 BMI part.


Kris Dunn. The man. The legend. The four time winner of our company's Biggest Loser competition.


Also one correction on the post - video was created by Sockeye Creative and the amazing James Westby on Recess' behalf. Check em out!

PS Their Web site does not do them justice - too busy making the awesome for client who want to do the right thing.

Kay Fairchild

Go to the site and take a look!!

Josh Letourneau

I'm on my way to McDonald's (pronounced "Mack-Donalds" here in good ole' Georgia) :)

It's at these arches (or these pinnacles of life) that I'll order the following:

1 Double Whopper w/Cheese (Extra Mayo)
1 Biggie Size French Fries
1 Apple Pie (warmed to delight the palette)

To top it off, I'll throw in 1 Biggie Diet Coke so I can cut my calories back and earn my Wellness Bucks. :)

After all, if I earn 100, I get a free Bloomin' Onion at Outback :)

P.S. I might also do an intense cardio session to deplete myself even further of any trace minerals I might have left after my Micky-D's free-radical bonanza :)


Kay, homegirl, do we know each other? Like: Know. Each. Other?

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