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August 25, 2010


Paul Hebert

I love this. Like the Heath bros said in switch - sometimes changing the environment (in this case the default setting) can get the outcome you want.

I'd like to see more companies look at systems and process before they get to the "we need an incentive" to make this happen.

Now the question is ... what other systems force by default non-productive behaviors?

Kevin W. Grossman

Right on, brother. I'm right there with you. And, I should check out TimeBridge as well...

Holly MacDonald

I did a very non-scientific assessment of a department and meeting tim (we were having a hard time getting things done). We determined between department level, team, one-on-one and other intra-dept meetings there was the equivalent of 12 FTE worth of time being spent by a 65 person department. That number got noticed. Meetings chnged, but am no longer at the organization, so can't tell you if it stuck, but it sure got me to the table.

Janna Rust

I love to talk about increasing efficiency through better meetings. I'm wondering how much time might be saved if meetings started on time. Most people have probably really been having 45 minutes meetings anyway!


Like it. Someone asked about other ideas? Take the chairs away! Make everyone stand.

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