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April 29, 2010



So true. Sometimes it seems like HR is made up of two types of people. Those who want to know all of the secrets and can't keep them secrets and those of us who have to know secrets in order to do our jobs.

I'm always surprised by those who are in search of the secrets. Me, I know too many already. And they have frankly left me very jaded. It is a rare day when I am surprised by anything.
- Crazy employee? Check.
- Bad manager? Check.
- Poor decisions? Check.
- Weird personal life that impacts work? Triple check.

Those HR folks that want to know where all the bodies are buried and the latest funny employee relations issue that does not involve them will never make it to the big game 'cause the only reason they want to know is so that they have a story to share with their buddies. I need people in my organization who can deal with the crazy stuff with discretion and use this information to make this place better - not as a punch line.

Bam! (me throwing the mic down)


Wow. Well said both of you! I have long held the 'two types of HR professionals' theory myself, and this issue of motivations and discretion seems to be where the rubber meets the road for me. So glad I work with a Director who thinks like this as well.

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