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March 11, 2010


Kim Bailey

This is a very timely post for me. I have a possition that has been open WAY too long, but not for lack of candidates. Apparently, the hiring manager is waiting for the perfect A candidate, rather than hiring someone that has "A" that because the hiring manager CAN'T spend time working with high potential people...or WON'T. I don't know, but I continue to offer options, suggestions, reality checks of candidates, etc, etc.

Sometimes a B is just an A in the rough, if you know what their potential is!

David, I think some definitions are in order. What constitutes an "A" player. I think the definition varies by role. Not to get too detailed but a "ditch digger" in some orgs may be an "A player" in others. Personally for my company I think I want the ditch diggers - coders, hackers, outre graphic designers, deep level video player designers. Not glamorous roles but core to my success.


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