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November 18, 2009


Bonita Martin

Wow. Fired for that response. I thought that it was thoughtful, engaging, honest and great customer service.
However, Mr.X seems very aware of the culture and should have known that a published response would be outside of the acceptable norms. I'll bet that AA blocks social media sites (red flag). If your company is worried about transparancy, you take the risk of adverse actions if you are publicly transparent.


This was a bad fire on the part of American Airlines. The employee attempted to engage a customer, who was actually more than willing (and capable)of helping this large company improve the UX.

The issue has generated more bad press than American needed, or wanted. And in true "big ship" fashion, they did not think before they acted.

Any user knows its a bad experience, now we also know that AA doesn't want to do anything about it.


I think the message here is to avoid ANY H.R. anywhere, at any time. Seriously though, AA pays a team of people millions to handle media relations. So, in the eyes of the brass, when a digit monkey looks up from the typewriter to enhance company status the company loses. I'm sure MR. X could have spent his time more frugally around the water cooler.


That was a bad fire! Looks like AA is as crappy a place to work as it's website is to use.


Please keep in mind that we do not know the reason for the termination. Perhaps this employee had been warned numerous times about not engaging in personal business during work time. Perhaps it has nothing to do about the content at all.

David Kinnear

This kind of Neanderthal thinking is not limited to large public companies. Many small companies with Owner/CEOs who are of the "old school" command and control mentality make the same mistakes as described here.

Anachronistic management must finally come to grips with the fact that they really never have been in control of the message and certainly aren't in control of the message now. If boneheaded moves like this continue, we can expect to see SoX like "No Retribution" regulations to protect employees who simply speak the truth about corporate culture as they see it. It's time for management to come to grips with the new information era. We cannot afford to shoot the messenger!

Dave Kinnear
Management Consultant
Executive Leader Coach


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