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November 13, 2009


Dawn Hrdlica

I read some of the responses to this question on the "raging HR roundtable". The necessities of Boundaries between work and life came up all over the place. As a person who learned too late in life the vital importance of boundaries--I found this discussion compelling.

Boundries are hugely important everywhere (work and life). Even if the boundaries are kept in your head--you must have them. Who said you have to share every boundary with your boss. Heck, that may be your boundary there, "my boundary is not to share EVERYTHING with my WORK". So I don't think "weisure" and boundaries are mutually exclusive.

I do think,though, that the Capitalist is Right. Work life for 99% of SUCCESSFUL business people is pretty blurred. And those who manage successful people know it is with more freedoms than less (ie--Employee X please go to your 3rd graders graduation for goodness sake).

I am willing to bet if there were a study done there would be a high correlation between employees/managers that embrace "weisure" and high salaries.

My thoughts---if you don't want a higher salary or promotability (which is completely fine btw) then set hard time boundaries, separate work from life completely and be happy. If promotablity and moo-la float your boat---weisure on Wayne, weisure on Garth.

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