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November 04, 2009



Kris -
completely on target! I am not sure where the loss happened with the old mantra "if you want to win or get to the top, you have to work harder, or be smarter or both" and working harder typically means longer hours, certainly some times. I wonder if the everybody wins a trophy craziness is to blame the words of Syndrome (from the incredibles) "... so that *everyone* can have powers. *Everyone* can be super! And when everyone's super-- no one will be."


Jon Ingham

Provocative post, Kris.

Of course, worklife balance isn't just, or even, about leaving work at 5.00.

And a company of stars isn't necessarily a productive company.

But in general, you make some great and very important points.


Tim Sackett

KD -

I think some of the confusion comes from those seeing "current" stars, now having balance, going "see, they are the star and they are leaving at 3pm to go play golf" - not realizing (or realizing, but not willing to admit) the time and effort that went into getting to that position.

We have an instant gratification society, who feels I can step into any profession and be the star - without the trials and tribulations that it takes to gain the experience and expertise to be that star.

Work/Life Balance is different for everyone. If you want to be a stay-at-home Dad, but have to work to actually have money to pay bills. Your balance paradigm is probably more geared towards 9 to 5'er. So, have enough self-insight to know you are making a personal balance choice not to be the star at work. But don't argue you can be the all-star Dad/Coach, Superstar employee, Deacon of your Church, greatest Spouse on the face of the earth, etc. - You can't. You're out of balance - and out of touch with reality.

Great Post, again.

Mark Cook

HR being the gatekeeper for work/life encroachment is one of those things that make us ponder the fate of HR. I'm with Kris 100%. I'll tell you what you need to do to be a superstar, and I'll try to give you guidance based on what you tell me, but I'm not going to lower the bar for you.

Big John

How can you be an effective executive/HR Pro while neglecting your family, health, etc. in pursuit of becoming an HR superstar? I believe that if you're consistently working these 10-12 hour days that you tout as being the requirement to success in business, you will soon see your family and health crumble beneath you. There needs to be balance.
If your sole goal in life is to be a superstar business person, then go ahead and do it and watch your legacy die as soon as you walk out the door in retirement and realize it was all for nothing. You’re working towards something that will not last. The reason I work is to provide a good life for me and my family and I do it well because that is my motivation.
I work next to many of these so-called 9 to 9 superstars. Much of their time is spent complaining about how little time they have to take care of personal matters, handling personal matters at work, and wasting time trying to create a personal life among their co-workers.
It always has and always will be a trade off. Success created from an imbalanced life is only temporary. The only true success you can have is from creating a well balanced life.

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