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Stuff the Capitalist (aka KD) Likes - Taco Freaking Bell....

Who am I?  Who cares?  Good questions.  It's my site so I'm going to tap into the slow summer months once in a awhile by telling you more about who I am - via a "Stuff I Like" series.  Nothing too serious, just exploring the micro-niche that resides at the base of all of our lives.  Potshots encouraged in the comments.

Last week I told you I like the NBA, which makes me an outlier to most people in the Southeast.  The  Taco-bell-drive-thru Southeast is SEC football country, and heck, people in Atlanta don't even follow the NBA Hawks.

Today, I'm hoping to focus on something that everyone can relate to - my favorite fast food, which is TACO BELL. 

Five Reasons why the Capitalist hearts Taco Bell:

1.  It's cheap and I've got a family to feed.  Feeding four people on the fly, I'm in and out in under $15.  That's my kind of drive through.

2.  It's simple.  How many tacos do you want?  Easy to add it all up without too much complexity.  Caveman likey. 

3.  It can be relatively healthy related to other fast food, and I'm not looking to be fat or have fat kids.  Better to have a mega-fry from Burger King or a fresco burrito?  The answer is obvious...

4.  The peeps at my Taco Bell actually greet you on the drive through mic in a real way and say thanks.  Nice...

5.  Did I mention it's cheap and I'm not looking to have a fat family?

My only complaint with Taco Bell is classic ugly American.  I actually have to drive 4 miles to get to it.  Why is there not one just outside my suburban neighborhood? Surely the demographics support it. 

My name is KD, and my digestive system can and does support Taco Bell as one of the four food groups (along with Starbucks, pasta and Diet Mountain Dew).



T Bell Rocks - and so does the fresco menu. There is one about 2 minutes from my office and if I miss a day they ask me where I've been. There's another one about 5 minutes from the house. I've been known to hit both on any given day.

Tim Sackett


Three words: "$5 Footlong"

Family of Five - $15 out the door - good, fresh, healthy. I also do the $5 Little Ceasers Pizza's - but that is more of a Friday night meal with an adult bev.

True story - I'm a big Taco Bell fan - but always have had it for lunch, because my wife hates it. My 3 sons and I hit it for dinner last week - it was the first time they had Taco Bell ever (12, 10 & 5) - on our way to a Baseball game minue Mom! So, Pepsi Co. now has 3 more males to add to their frequent customer list!

Ben Eubanks

My wife doesn't like it, so I don't get to ride the Taco Bell intestinal roller coaster very often.

Diet Mountain Dew? I knew we were long-lost friends. :-)

Amy W

Just on the calories thing, you might want to read actual caloric content on what you guys normally order.

For instance...

The Taco Bell taco salad contains around 900 calories.

My favorite things on the menu are all really high in calories. So I never thought of Taco Bell as healthier, at least not since reading the dietary information... It's still yummy though. I love my Baja Chalupa.

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