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June 01, 2009


Eve Stranz

While it is a reflection of the line managers as well, I think you need to add:

--Percentage of "tough discussions" (critical feedback, corrective action, etc.) HR pro leads with employees without the employees' manager in the room

Having joined an organization where this was the regular course of action, it took me six months to show the HR manager and the line managers how not only was this approach ineffective, but it was inefficient as well (only one HR manager for 2000 employees, but 100 managers who could/should be able and willing to lead these conversations with their own direct reports.)

Keep up the great blogging, Kris - you are one of a few HR-related blogs that I find useful and worth the time reading.


Chris - you have outdone yourself today! This is on point and hysterical (I think you need more than x...;-)). Keep up the great stuff. Shannon


Amen to @Eve! My major pet peeve.


Another factor to consider if the company is young and located in Silicon Valley. The percentage of of "C" and "V" level executive that have engineering or medical degrees.

Engineers and doctors that start companies seem to be prone to hire HR people that fit their personal stereotype of HR.

Ben Eubanks

*Percentage of performance evaluations given that were cut/pasted from a book.
*Ratio of disciplinary actions to commendations greater than 25:1 (just fire somebody already!)


How about:

Percentage of time spent creating programs based on "gut feel". For example, Billy Bob has bad sales performance, therefore all 200 sales people in the company should get sales training.

jessica lee

there's gotta be something in the algorithm about HR "pros" who have responsibility for planning the company picnic and christmas party... and maybe add in something for the HR "pro" who has to manage the administrative pool. major fail for the "pros" who continue on with either of those responsibilities... subtract 15 points for each maybe? we're better than that.

laurie ruettimann

Good lord, no good HR Professional reads the ET or TMZ websites. They're too crazy with ads. We go straight to the source:

- People
- UsWeekly
- Perez
- HuffPost celebrities/fashion

It's quality versus quantity.

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