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The No A$**** Rule, Rules of Engagement, and Living By The Code

Browsing through some magazines this last weekend and came across the following SCATHING Letter to the Editor at Workforce (print edition, May 18, 2009) regarding SuccessFactors, an performance management software company of note and a subscriber to the "No A$***** Rule" culturally.  Take a read and don't have any drink in your mouth while reading:

"In his Global Work Watch Blog, Workforce staff writer Ed Fraunheim wrote recently about SuccessFactors CEO Lars Dalgaard, a larger than life guy who likes to brag that his company practices what it preaches when it comes to work environment and fairly evaluating employee performance.  Fraunheim said, in part, that Dalagard's comments about the cuts at his own company "have been at turns callous toward those losing jobs and refreshingly contrite."  A reader who identified himself as Rich White has a visceral reaction to the discussion:

"Hundreds of people who have worked for SuccessFactors will join me in saying this is about the worst place you could possibly work.  Any intimation that SF is a model environment or employs best practices is woefully incorrect.  Lars Dalgaard is a vile, self absorbed egomaniac who seems to thrive on being a predator.  It is incredibly ironic that this company that purports to be a great place to work - no a-holes, etc.- is in complete contradiction with this facade... Frankly, anytime I see mention of Lars or SF I throw up in my mouth."

Wow.  Email me if you've seen a public lashing stronger than that in a reputable publication. 


Kevin W. Grossman

Wonder if this has been filed at Dang.

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