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November 26, 2008



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Who's got Disney on the brain? Huh? Health care is the dead skunk stinking up the room and it amuses me a bit to see how - as a nation - we try to ignore it. Employers currently shoulder 34% of the cost of health care in the US which is over 2.2 trillion dollars and mostly pays for preventable chronic illnesses. That is just not going to change. If people gave a big F.U. to the big 3's measly $25 billion then you bet your bippy no taxpayer is going to raise their hand to pick up where employers and health carriers left off. I just can't imagine that will work. The funny thing about all of this is that so much is at stake (like, ooooooohhhh 20% of our total GDP in the US) and less than 4% of media coverage actually focuses on health care. I think we are going to crash and burn on this issue in the next two years.

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