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October 31, 2008


John R. Atkins

I have been following your conversation on social media off and on over the past few months, but I have to admit that I have not strayed much outside LinkedIn for recruiting purposes, and then only sporadically.

Where could I go -- books, presentations, blogs, etc. -- for a comprehensive introduction to other forms of social media and their applications to Human Resources?

Thank you

HR Minion

Nice post! We need more advocates like you talking about it.

I also wish more people would stop paying lip service to social media. They say they understand "The Facebooks" and "The Myspaces" but come on. I can't think of a faster way to lose credibility than that.

Michael Haberman, SPHR

You are right about this not being an age issue. As you know, since I make no secret about it, I am 57 years old. Yet I blog, I read blogs, I use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the HRM network. It is not about age. It is about being curious, intellectually curious. It is about embracing change. It is about NOT being stale in a profession that is considered by many to be the "dumping ground" for the "impaired executive or professional."

When I teach classes and ask some of the same questions you do I get many of the same numbers and responses that you got. I hear complaints about not having enough time. Time to do what? Shuffle papers? Time is a matter of priority and I consider being connected to "social media" a priority for my business, my profession and my life.

Who knows, I may be your oldest reader, but at least there are some of out there.


Hi Mike -

You are correct - because you've disclosed your age both now and in the past (I wouldn't have guessed it, you look my age in the pictures...), I would consider you the HR poster child for this not being an age thing.

Great point on the curious theme. That's really what it is. I need to do an interview with you to encourage others - open to that?

Thanks - KD

Michael Haberman, SPHR

Sure anytime.

Michael VanDervort


I am rather surprised at the lack of interest by HR people in web 2.0. I recently had a list of 8 factors for strategic success in HR and one item on the list was being an early adopter.

Numerous people questioned the inclusion of that item, and many said they "might be proved wrong" by LinkedIn.

It befuddled me that anyone who had an opinion on early adoption would think that LinkedIn is leading edge.

actually, it's scary.

Michael, thanks for pointing out that pushing paper is just a dodge for escaping from enhancing career skills that per Kris's post will obviously be crucial in the near future.

Rhetorical question: if you don't know how to use FaceBook, how can decide if using social media tools is a good way to do background checks? How do you assess efficiency and cost of social media as a source for recruiting talent? Hww do you provide advice on corporate communications policies or initiatives?

Time to go 21t centuries, dudes!

Full disclosure: I am 51. Younger than Michael, older than Kris.

Michael VanDervort

Joanne Bintliff-Ritchie

As a fellow member of the over 50 group, I can confirm that diving into social media is not a function of age. I am a TopLinked member and am in over a dozen LinkedIn groups including one I started and now manage, have 2 Facebook pages - 1 personal, 1 professional, regularly read at least a dozen blogs, and have used networking sites to identify prospects, communicate with people interested in topics I am, connect with old friends and former colleagues, etc. Embracing change is fun.


MV and Joanne -

Thanks for checking in. Keep spreading the word related to the value of the tools...

Thanks - KD

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