MDE - The Most Dangerous Employee...
You Talk Too Much, Homeboy You Never Shut Up...

Help Wanted - Witty and Sometimes Jaded Benefits/Wellness Professionals Who Want to Blog Weekly....

HELP WANTED - (4 Positions Available)

Progressive blogging organization is looking for witty and sometimes jaded professionals, in the Benefits/Wellness sector, to blog on a weekly basis, about their life as part of the machine.  New blog, as yet unnamed, to be launched to provide perspective of people conducting benefits management, wellness and associated activities in the field.


-A working position in benefits and wellness industries, focused on acquiring, aligning andBoss_2 maximizing benefits/wellness in your company, or on behalf of clients.

-Writing skills, plus the actual willingness to write and blog on a weekly basis.

-Personality and the ability to merge other resources and pop culture in writing, all in an effort to make it digestible for the commoners (that's me..)

-Ability to tell the world who you are while you are blogging - name, what you do, and where you do it.

-Skin thicker than that of a donkey, for the lashings you'll receive in the comments section.

Successful Applicants Will Come From the Following Areas:

-Inside companies who purchase benefits, inside vendors, inside brokers..
-Medical Plan Design and Utilization
-Consumer-Driven Healthcare
-Rx/Prescription Design and Utilization
-Legal Issues in Benefits Administration
-National Trending
-The World of being a Benefits Broker
-Retirement Plans
-Alternative Work Benefits (telecommuting, job-sharing, etc.)
-Voluntary Benefits

What You Get in Return:

-Membership in an exclusive, yet opinionated team that will undoubtedly make the dysfunction in your extended family look like an episode of "Little House on the Prairie".

-The ability to blog and share your thoughts without having to start your own site.

-Exposure of your ideas and brand in the online property of a cool blog that will have good initial traction.  If you're a current blogger, you'll also get enhanced exposure for your blog.

-A projected stipend per month that will fall somewhere between a night out at Denny's and paying your cable bill.

-The warm feeling of giving back to your profession with the professional distance that only digital media can provide.

Sound like you?  Interested in hearing more?  To apply, please confirm your interest in the comments section or email the Capitalist (that's me) at



What a wonderful opportunity! I like to think I'm witty, and I'm jaded for sure. Now if we can just get re-employed back in HR...

Gotta love Michigan. We're #1! (In unemployment. In the nation.)

I wish you the best in getting some contributors. Can't wait for the big blog rollout!

Dan Johnson

I am not a benefits guy, but, instead of one night at Denny's you should trade it for 2 mornings at The Waffle House. Benefits and Wellness people have to be big drinkers...I think it is a rule.


Lisa - Thanks for the good wishes...

Dan - nice tweak to my benefit thing. Does the Waffle House have a loyalty program?

Here's a true waffle house story. The best man in my wedding was a current wrestler in the WWE named "Kane". We went to college together, and one night 5 or 6 years ago, I met him at a Birmingham Waffle House before he drove to the next town. We left, and before getting in the cars, I had another wrestler take a photo of Glen (Kane) and I together. I told the guy, named Dee Lo Brown (I think he's still in the show), to take another one (no please...) and I thought he was going to put a choke hold on me as the short order cook looked out the window (at midnight or 1am..)

Just another romantic Waffle House story...

Dan Johnson

The fact that you know Kane is amazing!!!!

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