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August 20, 2008



I think health insurance coverage should focus on those things that help to change behavior. Mental health, fitness, diet. Your right, fixing the kid isn't it.

Pediatricians can start the conversation with parents and get them into programs as well. And insurance should gladly cover all the treatment, especially the mental health component.

Dawn Hrdlica

This scenario does transcend weight issues. This carries over into any management issue (in this case weight management). In HR practices---HR managers or HR policies do not bode well if the manager/ policy subscribes to a "do as I say--not as I do mentality" (much like the parent forcing the child to eat carrots while they enjoy a tasty Krystal). The sentiment carries little weight (pun intended) if there are not active, daily examples for the child (or employee) to examine--even subliminally. Regarding the weight issue---how do corporate driven wellness programs play in? We have found that adding a company gym, EAP, and health counselling (further leading by example) has built by-in and momentum to healthy standards of living. One can assume this change in adult behavior could and should push down to the child.


Not an easy answer to this problem - can't change the kids to eat better nutrition for weight loss because the parents buy/ cook the food. Hard to motivate the parents, so maybe cash/ insurance incentive may work to promote more weight loss in population.

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