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August 13, 2008


Ron Ulrici

I don't know about the HD HR model; the new way could be just peachy keen. But the article lost me when the Home Depot representative said that they were into service. Have you been to Home Depot lately? Lowes is into service, not HD. Customer Service starts with how you treat your employees. Something must be lacking in Employee Relations based on their overall customer service. My sense is that there is still work to be done regarding HR at HD.

Joanne Bintliff-Ritchie

I took a similar approach, on a MUCH smaller scale, in a new VP role in my past. The difference in strategic value to the organization by having 100 really seasoned HR professionals who can focus on business solutions vs. 1000 low to mid level HR reps focused on process and fire fighting is huge. Some HR people think each ER and recruiting situation needs hands-on face-to-face support, when the reality is 9.9 out of 10 of these situations is routine and can appropriate be handled by a service center or the line manager in their normal course of duty. I hope the change works for them, because as Ron says they have a lot of work to do.


Wow what a bash on HD Lowes is not into customer service and would not hire me.
HD has the forsite to put qualified people in the electrical and pluming departmets.
If you can find a knowledgable person at lowes good luck. I have 27 years in the elctrical industry. (Find That At Lowes)

Tom K

Mr Crow,

Are you aware that RMI, a bogus company that does marketing for Home Depot, is using job sites and pretending to be Home Depot using bogus and not available jobs to get people to give them all of their employment history?

Then RMI calls the person and pretends to be Home Depot and asks them to come in for an interview about the job they applied for but doesn't actually exist.

Then when the poor job seeker gets to the interview, RMI lets them know that they are not really there for the job interview but rather for some minimum wage job that entails doing demonstrations in the store. You've seen them, the people who prepare food for you in the grocery store...

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