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July 24, 2008


laurie ruettimann

Kris, you deserve OTE time-and-a-half pay for this excellent summary. Great carnival!!

J. William Tincup


Wonderful job with this - thanks for the hard work and kind words.



Hey Kris,

Great stuff. Thanks for putting this together. You've signposted the HR Carnival really well.


Scott McArthur

Nice 1 - this is becoming a very strong community - we should write a book!?

Anna Farmery

Wow - great stuff for my train journey. Thanks for inspiring me for the next few hours:)

Cathy Martin


This synopsis was fantastic. Thanks for compiling all these interesting and thought provoking ideas!

Cathy Martin

Meg Bear

you are right these are getting long, but what a great way to see how the conversation is growing. Hat tip to you for pulling this off and giving it a theme.


Great post, Kris! The HR Minion article is quite good.

HR Minion

I agree Erik, the HR Minion post is quite good. :)

Great job Kris! All your hard work really shows.

The Career Encourager

Oh my - I am in awe! This raises the bar on hosting the carnival to new heights. Well done, Kris!

Nina Simosko

Fantastic job! These Carnivals are quite something to see come together! Much appreciation for my inclusion!


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Thanks for compiling all these interesting and thought provoking ideas!

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Joly bins

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