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I Quit!! Resignation Letters Gone Bad....

Ah yes, the resignation letter.  Properly crafted, an act of thankfulness, dignity and perhaps most importantly - full of language that doesn't cause the the proverbial "bridge" to combust into flames. 

In other words - it takes the high road, and doesn't PO anyone. 

Of course, you can always point the finger a little bit if you are so inclined.  I wouldn't recommend it,Take_this_job_and_shove_it but here are some less positive alternatives, and what they really mean:

"An opportunity I can't pass up has emerged" (I've felt chronically underpaid and underappreciated, and the grass is so green on that side it looks like AstroTurf);

"I'd like to thank those who have supported me in my time at BIG, Inc. (Of course, there's a lot of you who tried to stab me with the steely knife, and for you, I have nothing); and

"In the best interest of my family, I feel like I must accept this job" (It's not me, it's you).

It is possible to have fun with the resignation letter, as was the case with a recent exiting Silicon Valley executive, as reported in Valleywag.  I love it when someone flips the technology switch and goes old school, taking us all the way through the industrial revolution as a means to say "I'm not core to the mission anymore".

Take a look below and have fun with it.  From Valleywag:



Alex Cantu

Clever Clever, I like how the letter tells you that he really did love his company because he reference how much he loves working with Tin, his one true love.

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