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My new article is up at Workforce - The 5 Worst Jobs in HR.  Some jobs stink. Mine doesn’t. I hope yours doesn’t either.

I’ve wanted to do a list of them for a long time. And now the stars are aligned, just begging me to give Worstjobs1the topic the treatment it so richly deserves.

What stars, you ask? Consider that the economy is struggling (which actually may have a silver lining for some HR pros), every institute with a Commodore 64 is publishing a "HR Gets No Respect" study, and even notable HR bloggers are looking for new gigs.

Here's one job on my list

  1. Call center recruiter (for a consumer call center): Can you say "cattle call"? The issue with the call center recruiter role isn’t the type of work, it’s the quantity and the economics of the situation. As a consumer call center recruiter, you’ll be asked to recruit new hires for a large call center (generally 300 to 1,000 seats). You’ll use your recruiting skills and innovation initially, then your excitement will wane as you realize the ugly truth—you’re being asked to produce 15 to 30 new hires every two to three weeks from a stretched labor market.

Add a marginal hourly rate (it’s a consumer call center) and no schedule flexibility for the candidates you’re attempting to recruit, and it’s a widow-maker of a job. Pay your dues and apply for the HR manager role when it becomes available.

Click through to the list and tell me what you would add from your view in the comments, even if it's (gasp!) my job.... Remember, this is for fun and you'll need to lower your PC shield....



I have #3 and #1 under my belt and made it out with a lot of scar tissue and an OTJ MBA which helped with the generalist role I'm currently in.


Chris -

no doubt if you make it out, it's an on the job MBA.... Good point... glad to have you safely in the generalist ranks!!!!



Great Job
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