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April 08, 2008


Dan Schawbel

I would think that HR would be the first department will downsizing in a company during a recession.


Our local Home Depots are constantly advertising for HR Managers for the stores, or at least they were. Pay was pretty poor and they required 55-60 hours a week. I realize that often salaried employees work more than 40 hours a week but the prospect of working more than 3000 hours for less than $55,000 a year just does not sound appealing.

HR Wench

Same thing that happened in Lacy's area has happened in my area. NO ONE wanted to work as an HRM at the big orange box.


I worked under 3 HR's in HD. Two were useless. The other was tops. Better to go back to the managers hiring. They know what they need and want. Another failed Nardelli Idea. Part of the road back for a good company. Has Nardelli canabalized Chrysler yet?


The reason the HD stores needed and still need HR Managers in each store was because of the high volume of harassment, discrinination and retaliation complaints filed within the company and with the EEOC. If there are no longer HR Managers in the stores on a daily basis, the number of these complaints will rise again. Any money that HD thought it would save in making this move, will be lost and much more in lawsuits. This is a bad idea!


I was one of the HRM's notified of the change, interviewed for a new district position and got it. Now, two weeks into the change, I have resigned and left on my own accord. The new structure is a joke and mistake. I dealt with many associate complaints of unfair treatment immediately. Most of the 1,000 in this newly created position are now, leaving the orange box afterall!


I know this is an old post but I just wanted to add this...

I am writing this as someone who worked at HD before this change was made, as well as someone who recently applied for a job there after the change was made. While I am no big fan of the HR lady at the store where I worked, I think this move was not a good one for HD to make. They now do all of their hiring "interviews" with a very impersonal call that is made to you by call center workers. It is no surprise that HD can't find good employees now or employees who know what they're talking about.

The "interview" basically consists of a few simple questions, and if you answer "yes" to each one you will be offered a job. The last question they asked to me was if I would be willing to work for $8/hour. I said no because I know my work ethic and what I bring to the table are worth more than that. The lady just says "thank you" and hung up. I don't really care because I consider it their loss. But if you ever wonder why HD now has employees who can't help you, this is why. HD just wants to hire a "warm body" who is willing to work for $8/hour. They don't care about having knowledgable employees, which is reflected in the fact that they decided to "automate" the hiring process in this way.

Personally, I hope HD goes bankrupt. Like I said, I'm generally not a big cheerleader of HR... but they do serve a purpose. Hiring people solely based on whether they say yes to getting paid $8/hr is definitely not the way to go about getting good workers into stores...

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