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December 13, 2007


Roberta Matuson


Sorry, but I've got to disagree with your recommendation. Having or not having a certfication is not a deal breaker with most companies, particularly at the VP level. You should have advised readers to invest their time in an MBA, which is far more valuable than one's ability to pass one exam.

Roberta Matuson
Former HR Careers Expert for


Having the certification may not be a "deal breaker" but it does provide something important - up to date knowledge. Because you have to recertify every 3 years, you are constantly having to stay up on your HR education. Additionally, if you hold the SPHR, you are required to obtain Strategic hours in your continuing education. The well-informed employer should see the value in this, and the HR professional should not hesitate to point this out when seeking a new HR position.

VP by design

I totally agree with Roberta. An MBA or equivalent business course(s) will provide more opportunity and far more valuable for HR to be the strategic business partner necessary.


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