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October 02, 2007



Interesting. I love it when someone challenges conventional wisdom and demands hard evidence for unsubstantiated claims.

But didn't the author mean "ducats"? There's no such word as "ducket."


Ducket is a slang term for money. You need to get out more.
Interesting article. I have often wondered this myself since I took the class but not the exam.

HR Wench

I think its worth it knowledge wise. I purchased a used learning system but didn't take any courses prior to taking and passing the PHR a few years back. In studying I learned a lot about areas that I haven't had much experience in. It was actually pretty fun for me. I do think it shows one is serious about the profession as well - it costs some duckets and takes some effort. :)


Mary/Ginny/HRW -

Thanks for commenting. In general terms, I think the payback is there, although it comes in a variety of ways you may or may not be able to seperate from other factors in your career.

Bottom line, you get the certification to show you are different, and in pursuing the knowledge, you probably become different and grow as a HR pro. That's got to be a good thing...


Laurie Ruettimann

I've been SPHR certified since 2001. Do you know how many people give a rat's butt?


I think your bottom line is exactly right, but the best way to differentiate yourself in Human Resources is to have a credible MBA or JD.


Hello, I am trying to prepare for the SPHR. I will probably buy the book HR Management by Mathis and Jackson and also purchase the certgear tests. I see you mentioned an outline for preparing. Is that somewhere on your blog where I can access that. Please let me know. Thanks Mary.


Like HR Wench and Kris said, certification shows you are serious about the profession and wanting to learn more. It distinguishes you among your peers.


I just took and passed the SPHR certification test after using the SHRM Learning System to prepare for the test. While I think there was some marginal benefit to my studying the material, I don't believe the test is any measure of required job competencies. It tests knowledge and to a small degree comprehension of the "body of knowledge." However, it is certainly no indicator of whether the individual has the necessary people skills, political savvy, and leadership skills to excel in an HR leadership position


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