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October 11, 2007


Paul Hebert

What a great intro... If there was ever a doubt about Web 2.0 or read/write or whatever you want to call it - and the value it has for individuals trying to make a difference - you nailed it there.

Again - mucho apreció.


Great play by play Kris. What a team this would be - sign me up - I was born and raised on Long Island so I'd be going back to the old neighborhood :)

HR Wench

I found some new-to-me blogs to add to the reader on this round. Yay!

JibberJobber Guy

Ok, I'm a dork - I still don't get how you do the ratings/rankings... although I think it's the bomb that JibberJobber is in the top 4 :p

Jason Alba
Author -

Evil HR Lady

California? What did I ever do to offend you? :>)

I'm honored to be on your new/future team!

And thrilled that I'm number 1 this week!


Of course the firm is now bloated with VP's and sinks due to the overwhelming number of specialists - well except for Ann!

Wally Bock

Thanks for the honor, Kris. I don't think it has to be Steve or me. I think we share common values, but we have different emphases.

I'll let Steve handle the senior execs and coach them as they move through career transitions. I'll work on the apprenticeship program that leadership development should be. I want to make sure that we select first-time and first-line leaders who have good possibility of success. I want to make sure they have some basic skills training but, more important, that there is an excellent support and feedback system in place on the job to help them develop.

I'd like to work the with HR people to help develop a multiple career path model so that people without the aptitude for leadership won't feel compelled to take on the work because it's the only way to get money and prestige. I'd like to help work out how performance evaluations can incorporate something like Koch Industries' "decision rights."

For the first time since I've been writing that "leadership is an apprenticeship trade," I'm seeing others start to mention that. If we develop a true apprenticeship model for leadership development it will change more than just what's taught in classes.


Wally - Well said. If I'm at a Fortune 50, I need both you and Steve!

Good stuff.....

Thanks - KD

Beth Potts

I saw that has an online training course on social media, does anyone know of any others like this?

buildyour org

thanks posting blog comment.

buildyour org

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