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April 24, 2007



Waiting for the response is challenging for a some supervisors, right along resisting the urge to tell the employee what to do differently - the corrective action crutch you mentioned.

Tom O'Brien

Good coaching advice. After every pitch or client meeting we have a debrief with the whole team about what we could improve. All of us.

Tom O'B

Wally Bock

Nice tool. Because coaching is a form of confrontation it's important for a boss to have a too. Mine's similar.

Tell the person what behavior or performance you or the technology have observed. Use the Joe Friday Rule: "just the facts" leave the adjectives at home.

Tell the person why that behavior/performance is worth talking about. Use logical and emotional terms.

Shut up. Your subordinate should talk next. They may disagree with your facts. They may agree with your facts but offer an excuse or a reason. They may agree with you and promise to do better.

Whatever they say, it will form the basis for the rest of your discussion. Just be sure to agree on how behavior or performance will change and when and how it will be measured and what will happen if it does or doesn't before you consider your coaching done.

Scott McLean

We struggled with this a lot in the work we've done with clients... so we've started to build coaching templates about a year ago that will help managers start this "process" by giving them some best practices and idea.

The attached URL is an example. ( ) We now have over 200 of these built and now have added 4-5 minute videos, book summaries, and QuickTips for managers.

I'd love to get feeback on this idea if anyone would like to take a look.

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